Lady Killer (Confessions of a Chick Magnet #5) by Jenny Gardiner – Free eBooks Download


lady killer, jenny gardiner

Lady Killer (Confessions of a Chick Magnet #5) by Jenny
Gardiner – Free eBooks Download


Don’t go bacon my heart…

Animal lover Coco Lovingston wants to recharge her soul after
a bruising attempt to succeed as an actress in Los Angeles,
so she returns home to Bristol, Montana to a simpler life,
working at an animal rescue clinic to recharge her broken
spirit. She’s perfectly content filling her days caring for
abandoned creatures, enjoying lone strolls in the mountains,
and reconnecting with old friends, but soon learns how
precious life is when she takes a wrong turn on a dense
forest hike and can’t find her way out.

Elliott Barbour was seriously not looking for a pig in his
life. In fact, the only reason he’d even stopped by the
Second Chances rescue clinic was to get his mother a kitten
for her birthday. Until he’s talked out of it by a cute
employee who argues that a cat can live a long, damned time,
and his mom wasn’t getting any younger. Which would mean he’d
get stuck some day with a fusty feline: pure torture, what
with his allergies. When he takes one look at Oink, the
miniature pig batting her come-hither lashes at him, what’s
he to do but go in whole-hog and bring her home as the
unusual pet his mother never knew she’d love? Too late he
realizes that he’s got an unwanted pig in a poke, since
miniature pigs are a lot of work and don’t remain so tiny
after all, and his mom declines the porcine gift.

No sooner is the feisty little porker making him crazy than
he’s tasked with spearheading the rescue of some dumb woman
who’s gone missing after foolishly heading off in the
mountains without even a cell phone or a bottle of water.
Elliott counts the minutes till he can give her a piece of
his mind for her irresponsibility—that is, if he’s even able
to find her alive.

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